NYC Eats LogoWheeee! It’s the holidays, and I’m thrilled to share a gift with my wonderful, supportive readers…and it’s something you can in turn share with family and friends. What is it? Well, after being asked over and over to recommend restaurants to family, friends, friends of friends, and colleagues visiting New York City, I decided to put together a handy page of NYC restaurants right here on!

Check it out: you’ll find almost 70 restaurants (and ever growing) on the page, and you have the ability to sort the list into a bunch of categories, including by cuisine and by neighborhood, as well as a number of other criteria like Special Occasion, Highly Recommended, Foodie Experience and even Not Recommended at this Time. I tried to think of lots of helpful categories, and if there’s something you think is missing or could be better organized, please don’t hesitate to let me know. Some listings include my dining reviews, and all link to the restaurants’ websites. I really hope it’s a useful resource.

Keep the list in mind if you’re ever heading to New York and feel free to pass it along to someone you know who’s traveling to the city. I love feedback, so if you do wind up dining at any of these places, please leave a comment on the restaurant listing page to let folks know if you enjoyed it or if you had a completely different experience.

You can find the NYC Restaurant Recommendation page at this link:

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read and share my posts, for contributing such insightful comments, and for reaching out so kindly on occasion to let me know I’ve touched or inspired you in some way. That’s the most treasured gift of all for a writer! Happy, merry, jolly to you and yours…and a joyous, healthy, peaceful New Year.




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