Gratitude Friday 2013: Week 6

Gratitude Friday LogoI’m a huge believer in living with an attitude of gratitude. Life can be a roller coaster ride, and having an attitude of gratitude helps keep things in perspective and focus on the positive stuff, both big and small. Writing a gratitude journal is a wonderful way to record and reflect upon the kindnesses, delights and blessings that have come your way. Here’s what I’m grateful for this week:

>> I can’t begin to thank my friends and family — especially my husband — for their caring kindness and well wishes this past week while I’ve been suffering with the flu or some other really powerful virus. I don’t like losing my mojo and becoming Raggedy Annie, but I had no choice in the matter over the last seven days. And on a related note, I am beyond grateful that I seem to feel better today…fingers crossed the trend continues.

>> I’m very thankful that we’ve been able to gather provisions and supplies in anticipation of the impending “historic” blizzard that’s predicted today and overnight. Wishing everyone in its path a safe storm with minimal lasting impact.

Won’t you share something you’re grateful for during the past week?


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