I am so grateful for my boys, who share their love, humor, talent, creativity, expertise, knowledge, hugs, optimism and kindness with me every single day. I truly believe I'm among the world's luckiest moms!

I’m also thankful:

• for a personal handwritten note from a favorite friend whom I adore and admire. In a sea of catalogs, bills, statements, flyers, and credit card offers, finding an envelope addressed by an actual person using a pen was, refreshingly, a huge thrill. (I know, pathetic isn't it!)

• for the warm welcome from our local library, which invited us to do a presentation and book signing

• that Ben took over the kitchen one night and made a fabulous dinner for the family

• for behind-the-wheel driving instructors…God bless ya!

• for Advil (not related to the above-mentioned driving instruction!)

• for a friend who shared a very sweet memory of my Mom as one of the pioneers of the Women's Seder at Temple Beth-El. So glad the lovely tradition continues.

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  1. Mary says:

    Very Grateful for my wise, grounded, ten year-old daughter
    My husband a man of great perspective

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