Despite the miserable allergies brought on by the season of blooming, I am so thankful to appreciate the beauty of spring during what has been a perfectly sunny, temperate week.

Here's some other stuff I'm also grateful for this week:

– spending a fun and relaxing Mother's Day with my boys

– the caring insight and course selection guidance provided by one of the finest, fairest, most honorable teachers in our high school (or probably any high school for that matter!)

– receiving a lovely handwritten note from a new friend. I absolutely treasure handwritten notes!

– having the time (finally!) to tackle two very important tech-related projects that have been sitting on the back burner for many, many months

– shampoo!

– honesty, transparency and unfailing helpfulness from a business associate

– sharing an early birthday celebration with dear friends who always make me feel so special

Hope you're enjoying this gorgeous season wherever you are, and wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Would love to know a thing or two you're particularly grateful for this week in the comments below…

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