Savor every moment with SHOES

Believe it or not, these shoes fit the feet of the same kid. The tiny brown ones were so cute on my oldest with little denim overalls from the Gap when he was like three months old. Seems like yesterday. And those giant Sasquatch kicks fit his 18-year-old feet. Boggles my mind a bit how quickly time has flown.

Don’t blink!

2 Responses to “Savor Every Moment…They Sure Fly By!”

  1. Kristina Murphy says:

    Amen to that! My three teenagers are becoming more mature in leaps and bounds! And the man child among them is now 6 foot 3 and growing! YIKES!)…and my “single-digit midget” will leave that nickname behind in a couple months…she is growing up even more quickly in the milieu of older siblings.

    BTW your new (?) “About Andrea Reiser” pic looks fabulous!

    • Andrea says:

      Awwww, thanks! And isn’t it mindboggling to watch them grow and evolve so quickly? I know you share my philosophy of savoring it all and feeling so grateful for the opportunity. Enjoy time with your beautiful brood, Kristina, and thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment!

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