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15 Back-To-School Questions To Ask Your Kids

15 Back-To-School Questions Graphic

How can you help your child hit the ground running in the new school year? Put aside some special time together and chat about these 15 things before summer’s over….Read More →

#50FavesTo50: Favorite Musical Comfort Food

Favorite Musical Comfort Food

Go ahead and barf, but you must admit you can hum along to at least a song or two of my musical guilty pleasure….Read More →

#50FavesTo50: Favorite Teacher

Favorite Teacher

This week I continue my trip down memory lane toward the big 5-0 by sharing special thoughts about my favorite teacher. …Read More →

#50FavesTo50: Favorite Summer Drink

Favorite Summer Drink

While the rest of you are wondering what the heck Del’s is, I ask my fellow Rhode Islanders: Is there really any other choice for my favorite summer drink?…Read More →

#50FavesTo50: Go-To TV Series

Go-To TV Series

This week I’m talking about why “Friends” is my go-to TV show, plus I reveal the only thing that mystifies me about the whole series….Read More →

#50FavesTo50: Favorite Childhood Book

Favorite Childhood Book

This week, I’m remembering one of my favorite books from childhood….Read More →

47 Things I’ve Learned In My 40s

47 Things I've Learned in my 40s

Today is my last birthday of my 40s, and I’ve been thinking about some of the stuff I’ve learned that I wish I could tell my younger self. …Read More →

Happy Mammoversary To Me

They're almost real and they're spectacular

Eight years ago today I had a prophylactic double mastectomy, One of the easiest and best decisions I ever made, and it literally changed the way I think about life….Read More →

Even Superwoman Needs a Break Sometimes

Super hero woman

I’ve been admittedly awful about posting to my blog of late, and the reason has to do with toilets and staircases and fireplaces…OH MY!…Read More →

7 Inspiring Quotes: Joy, Love & Gratitude

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Don’t miss any of this week’s inspiring quotes…and find out the most popular quote of the week (Hint: It wasn’t the one shown here!)…Read More →

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