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Happy Mammoversary To Me

They're almost real and they're spectacular

Eight years ago today I had a prophylactic double mastectomy, One of the easiest and best decisions I ever made, and it literally changed the way I think about life….Read More →

Even Superwoman Needs a Break Sometimes

Super hero woman

I’ve been admittedly awful about posting to my blog of late, and the reason has to do with toilets and staircases and fireplaces…OH MY!…Read More →

7 Inspiring Quotes: Joy, Love & Gratitude

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step

Don’t miss any of this week’s inspiring quotes…and find out the most popular quote of the week (Hint: It wasn’t the one shown here!)…Read More →

7 Inspiring Quotes: Good, Giving & Faith

Find the good, it's all around you. Showcase it and you'll start believing it.

This week’s quotes emphasized the good in the world, the power of giving, and having faith. And be sure to check out Tuesday’s quote— which was the most liked and shared of the week!…Read More →

7 Inspiring Quotes: Smiles, Laughter & Gratitude

Gratitude brings beauty into your life

This week’s quotes emphasized the power of laughter, smiles and gratitude. And make sure you check out Wednesday’s quote— which was by far the most liked and shared of the week!…Read More →

7 Inspiring Quotes: Little Things Count Big

Make everywhere better because you were there

This week’s inspiring quotes from my Facebook page focus on the fact that little things count big when it comes to happiness….Read More →

7 Inspiring Quotes: The Power of Kind Words

A kind word takes just a second to say but can last a lifetime

Two of the most popular quotes this week focused on sharing kind words with others and ourselves. Hope they inspire you and brighten your day!…Read More →

11 Quotes About Respect


This week’s Angel Word is RESPECT. instead of my droning on about bringing respect into your daily life, here are 11 powerful, thought-provoking quotes that say it better than I ever could….Read More →

7 Inspiring Quotes: Home, Family, Hugs, Love & Gratitude

Having a place to go is HOME, having someone to love is FAMILY, having both is a blessing

One of the most popular features on my Facebook page is the daily quotes I create and post. I know that not everyone is on Facebook, so I thought it might be fun to share the previous week’s quotes here on the blog. I hope they brighten your day!…Read More →

How Wicked’s Elphaba Can Inspire You To Live Your Truth

TRUTH Angel Card

How can you move toward living your truth? It takes some work—and what better time to start the process than with the freshness of a new year!…Read More →

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